Mockup - Realizzazione prototipi e Mock-up


Sleeves are a type of packaging made using a plastic (PVC or PET) film supplied in tubular form which bonds onto the product under a heat source without altering the product’s shape. Sleeves can be printed with images and text, in colour and with photographic quality.

We are highly specialized in shrink-sleeve or decorated prototypes with:

  • simulation of the process, with a heat-shrink film wrapping the object to form a single body, providing uniform contact on a surface which is usually curved
  • vacuum packaging, where special care is taken over dressing the product to make it perfect for shooting photos and videos, and ideal for high-impact presentations

We can limit the distortion of images and text by modifying the file at the pre-print stage, anticipating any stretching of the graphics with the film wherever possible. If the product is not available, or cannot be worked on manually, we can replicate its shape.