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a selection of our mock-ups services Lineagrafica specialises in the design and manufacture of packaging mock-ups, using the CMYK colour model, gold, silver, metallic colours and white.
On paper and cardboard | Cellophane | Fabric

Trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, photographic agencies, film and TV studios. Display stands |
Mock-ups for photo shoots

Large Format Prints
Boards, Posters

One name, a host of functions

The term mock-up usually refers to the copy of an original product used for teaching, to give demonstrations, for use in settings or visual communication.

In particolare, in pubblicità e nella comunicazione visiva
iIn advertising and visual communication in particular, mock-ups are generally used as models or prototypes, to test new packaging, a display stand, exhibition booth, or gadgets or settings for commercials.
mock-up di un gelato
Mock-ups are created to provide an exact copy of the original that

Mock-ups are created to provide an exact copy
of the original that
- captures people's attention
- is made of a different material from the original
(which is, for instance, lightfast, able to withstand changes in temperature and wear-resistant).
- can represent part or all of a project.

Please note!

There may be some confusion as regards the term "mock-up". Digital 3D models and models of web pages created using graphics programs are also called "mock-ups".